Farnesian – Exploring Farnese family residences (max 70 min drive)

Some of the most important monuments in the environs, strongholds, castles and palaces were built by the Farnese family, and Tuscia was the springboard for their rapid climb into power, which allowed them to dominate Italy and Europe. The family’s most illustrious member was Alessandro, elected as pope in 1534 as Paul III, who summoned the Concilio of Trento in 1545.

This itinerary includes: Viterbo, Carbognano, Caprarola, Ronciglione, Nepi, Lake Bolsena, Valentano, Gradoli, Latera, Cellere, Farnese, Canino and Ischia di Castro, near Castro, the capital of the Farnese Duchy drawn by Antonio da Sangallo The Young, destroyed in 1649 by Innocenzo X Pamphili’s troops and never rebuilt.


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Farnesian - Exploring Farnese family residences