Tufa pathways “Vie Cave” in Tuscia

The itinerary along the ancient Etruscan paths and the most astounding villages in Northern Lazio. The Etruscan tufa pathways “Vie Cave” outline a fascinating itinerary connecting Tuscan Maremma to Northern Lazio and strolling across Tuscia, too.

Enchanting landscapes and paths out of time shape a totally preserved natural environment and give witness to a 2000 year-long story. Among the most impressive venues there are the rock-hewn Necropolis of Norchia between Tuscania and Vetralla, the Sasseto Woods – aka Fairy Tales Woods – near Acquapendente, and the Park of Vulci, the historical and natural oasis extending above Montalto di Castro, between Lazio and Tuscany.

The Etruscan tufa pathways depart towards Maremma and reach as far as some astonishing tufa villages: Sorano, Sovana and Pitigliano. Other “Vie Cave” well worth visiting are in Sutri, on the rock beyond the Roman Amphitheatre, inside the archeological park, a few kilometers away from Relais Villa La Trinità. The paths surrounding the amphitheatre are rich in encarvings and awesome natural views.

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Tufa Pathways Vie Cave in Tuscia