Castles and Palaces (within 60 min drive)

Several fights for ownership of more than 1000-year old strongholds and palaces scattered all around Tuscia depict tumultuous Roman noble families and the papal and imperial powers within:

Palazzo Farnese (Caprarola)*

Villa Lante (Viterbo)*

Palazzo Giustiniani Odescalchi (Bassano)

Castello Odescalchi (Bracciano)

Castello Ruspoli (Vignanello)*

Castello Orsini-Misciattelli (Vasanello)*

Rocca Respampani (Monte Romano)

Castello Costaguti (Roccalvecce)

Castello Monaldeschi-Cahen (Torre Alfina)

Rocca Monaldeschi (Bolsena)

Castello Sciarra (Carbognano)

Forte Sangallo (Civita Castellana)


Famous also for their gardens


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